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Martha Jefferson Hospital Laboratory Services

Winter 2018

Quarterly Newsletter on Charlottesville Pathology Website

This newsletter is from the Laboratory and will be distributed on a quarterly basis. It contains important information and news briefs concerning laboratory services. In addition to normal distribution, each issue will be posted at www.cvillepathology.net under the News Brief section.

New Coagulation Instrument and Heparin Ranges

Effective 1/2/2018 SMJH Laboratory switched to the new ACL TOP 550 coagulation analyzers. The current ranges for all coagulation analytes performed in-house remained the same. These include PT, APTT, fibrinogen, d-dimer and anti-Xa.

The heparin therapeutic range for 0.3 – 0.7 U/ml of heparin will change to:

APTT = 61 – 119 sec.

The reduced heparin therapeutic range for 0.2 - 0.6 U/ml of heparin will change to:

APTT = 47 – 104 sec.

The new analyzers will allow lab team to better screen for lipemia, icteria, and hemolysis that might interfere with testing and to automatically check for clotted or short samples.

Any questions or comments can be directed toward the Coagulation department at 654-7181.

High School Students Visit SMJH Laboratory

Sentara Martha Jefferson Laboratory Services welcomed 8 students from Albemarle High School and their honors science teacher, Jeff Schwalm, to the laboratory for a three day laboratory science visit. The teacher and Phon Wikoff, PA from Charlottesville Pathology planned the visit to teach the kids about Pathology and Clinical Lab careers. Starting in Nov. 14th for three days, 9th and 10th graders toured, asked questions, and explored the careers in the lab. The program included demonstrations and lectures by one of the pathologists, Dr. R. Hunt Macmillan III, and a detailed tour of the clinical lab exploring the duties of the medical technologists and the clinical departments conducted by Kathy Hamilton, MT (ASCP). 

Label Printing Reminders

• Reminder 1

If a SMJH owned medical practice has an alignment issue or label printing issue the office should call the Help Desk at 1-757-857-8190.

• Reminder 2

Please label the tub with the patient’s last name toward the cap of the tube (so Techs can read it when the specimen is in a rack.

• Reminder 3

Please place the label on the short tubes very close to the cap, taller tubes place the label mid tub (over the manufacturer label).

Billing News! Charlottesville Pathology

Charlottesville Pathology is now using Healthpro Medical Billing as the billing service for their professional pathology services. Please make note of the contact information for Healthpro.

For dates of service 1-1-2018 and after, Healthpro will be the billing contact. 

There is a toll free line dedicated to answering your questions at




You must have a billing statement to pay on website.

Hours of Operation:

Monday -Friday 8am -5pm EST 

Change in Reporting Structure for Hepatitis Testing

In order to minimize confusion surrounding interpretation of results, effective Monday, October 16th, 2017 SMJH Lab Services changed result reporting from quantitative results to qualitative results (Reactive, Borderline, Non-Reactive) for the following tests:

Test Name Beaker Test Code 4Medica Test Code

Hepatitis A Total Antibody LAB0127 0008231

Hepatitis B Core IgM Antibody LAB0177 0008496

Hepatitis A IgM Antibody   LAB0126 0008230

Hepatitis B Core Total Antibody LAB0128 0008232

Hepatitis B Surface Antigen LAB471 0008236

Hepatitis C Viral Antibody LAB0041 0006924

If you have any questions regarding this change please contact SMJH Lab at (434) 654-7170.

New In-house Testing – Sysmex XN-1000

Effective Monday, January 16th SMJH Infusion Center Laboratory went live with the Sysmex XN-1000 for Hematology testing. With the addition of this new platform we are able to provide testing continuity across all areas of Laboratory Service by providing a Complete Blood Count (CBC) with a 5-part differential, an increased linearity range and a Reticulocyte Count.

 Please contact SMJH Laboratory Services at (434) 654-3355 with questions.

Speak Up for Safety: ARCC

Safety Phrase-“I have a concern…”

The SMJH laboratory is adopting a tool to enhance safety. It is a measured way to voice safety concerns to help our team prevent a safety event. This is a Sentara hospital movement. Thanks to the lab safety coaches for reviewing this tool with lab team members during department meetings.

Ask a Question

Make a Request

Voice a Concern

If no success…

Use Chain of Command


SMJH Laboratory Services and Charlottesville Pathology Associates wishes everyone a wonderful year. We appreciate your trust in our services and thank you for your business

Important Telephone Numbers

o Need lab results from the Clinical Lab call 654-7170 or fax 654-7164.

o Need lab results from the Anatomic Pathology Lab 654-7955 or fax 654-7944.

o AP Client Services Representative, Noel Jorgensen, at 654-5525.

The next Nanogram newsletter will be Spring 2018 distributed in April 2018.